Friday, 12 February 2016

4 Places to get Coffee in Sheffield

I generally am not a coffee person, I do not tend to enjoy the taste of it and avoid
drinking it unless I have to. I generally only get coffee to stay awake after I’ve
spent a long night studying. While Costa has good coffee, my 4 favorite places
boast coffees I’d drink even if I were not struggling to stay up all day, plus they
are local to Sheffield. So here it goes:

4. Marmadukes Café Deli
I would recommend this on weekends its always nice to spend a few hours there
with some friends, and while there please do try the cakes they are simply to die
for. Also, the barista looks like Adam Levine.

3. Moco
You cannot go wrong with Mocco, it’s on West Street so you slip in between
classes to get something from there. Plus they have student discounts.

2. Tamper Coffee - Sellers Wheel
They don’t only offer really good food, but also great coffee; you have to try it on
a weekend. The food and coffee will definitely have you coming back for more.

1. The Steam Yard Coffee Co
This place is by far my favorite, you cannot go wrong with steam yard I simply
love everything   about it. The coffee is the best I have ever had, plus they have
some really good macaroons.

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