Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A short visit to London from Sheffield: The Science Museum

During this holiday, I spent some time in London, and although I have been there several times, I keep going back since there is always something new to see. Besides, the fact that Sheffield is only a 2 hours away by train from it is also welcomed. This time in London, I have had some extra-hours to spend, luckily for me, the Science Museum was close to where I was, so I decided to visit it again since I have not been able to see all of its displays last time (also, admission is free , perfect for someone on a student budget!).

The Science Museum, suited on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, hold numerous displays that are at the heart of the history of Science, One of my favorite items on display, was the replica of the DNA model, created by Crick and Watson themselves in 1953, seeing this little piece that have had direct effect on my field of study (Molecular Biology) was an invaluable moment. One of the other outstanding displays was the awe-inspiring Apollo 10 Command Module (attached image), a historic piece of the space-race age; launched in 1969, and orbited the moon in preparation to the giant leap of mankind with the following Apollo 11 mission.

If you ever make a visit to London, make sure to make a day or two to visit the Science Museum, also
while there, take the chance to stop by the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Natural history museum; all are free and less than 5 minutes away from each other.
Tareq: International Office Ambassador from Iraq

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