Thursday, 25 February 2016

A tour of the Student's Union

Hi Everyone. I hope You are doing well. Ishita, International Student Ambassador for Sri Lanka here. Today I will be taking you on a mini tour of the University of Sheffield Students union.

The Students Union has been voted as the best students union in the UK for the last seven years and is home to over 300 societies.

The students union building

There are over 300 societies and if any of them need any help or support they can come to the activities desk where a member of staff can help them with their queries. There is also plenty of space and meeting rooms for students to study, hold meetings, or just chat with their friends in-between lectures.

The activities zone

There is always something going on in the union, from bake sales to performances, and you never know what you might come across. The image below is of Bellydance society performing on the concourse, just outside the students union. Anyone can stop and watch performances like these free of charge.

Bellydance society performing 

There are lots of outlets in the SU where students can eat and socialize. Outlets range from Coffee Revolution, a café with hot drinks and snacks, to the international food court where students can try dishes from all over the world, Interval which serves great hot meals, to New Leaf the salad bar where plenty of healthy options are available. If you have any dietary requirements, don't worry, there are lots of vegetarian, vegan and halal options.
Coffee Revolution, the cafe at the SU

The students union even has a mini-convenience store, 'Our shop' where students can find cold foods, snacks, and even stationary. A nice fact about the students union is they hire students to work at various outlets. So if you are thinking of working part time during your course, the SU may be a good option.

You can find everything from stationary to hot instant noodles at Our Shop

Since the Students Union is a base for student activities, various societies actually hold their events in the SU.  Thus the SU is a home to band events, fashion shows and dance rehearsals among various other activities. The image below is from a charity fashion show organized by International Students Committee which took place in Foundry, one of the larger spaces of the Students Union.

 ISC fashion show

The students union is also home to the student jobshop where you can find support getting a part time job and the international student support office and the student advice centre where students can go for advice. The union is also equipped with cash machines and there is even a Santander bank branch inside the union building. You can also print train tickets from the SU.

The students union is a great hub of student activities and a nice place for students to study, spend time with friends and even grab a meal. It's also a great place to find activities you may be interested in when you're new to Sheffield.

To find out more about the students union, the societies it's home to and ongoing activities you can visit the Students union website: Sheffield SU website

If you have any questions or would like to know more, do contact me.

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