Friday, 12 February 2016

My Christmas Break

Besides the holiday spirit that comes with the Christmas break, its a time where students need to prep for their exams, but also celebrate the holiday season. Many decide to leave for home, but some such as myself decide to stay back mainly to focus on work. I have in the past traveled home but realised I could simply not balance work and leisure, the comfort of home is simply very distracting for me personally and for that reason I tend to stay back. During my second year it was tough staying back considering all my friends had left, but during that` Christmas break I decided to gather all of those that I knew were in Sheffield for a Christmas meal at my apartment. Through that I found two of my best friends which are now family to me, it allowed me to bond with them in a way I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. This isn’t to say I wouldn’t be able to bond during term time, but during the break we’re able to see each other everyday (especially at the Information Commons), cook together everyday, play some xbox every now and then. This is exactly what happened this year as well, I was able to balance my time by spending the day at the IC, and the nights just having fun. I also found out (after 4 years of being in Sheffield) that there actually are a number of restaurants that are open during Christmas day, mainly on London Road. Considering it was my birthday on Christmas day, my friend and I decided to have some Gelato on London Road, it was like any other day but with a hint of Christmas spirit. Overall my Christmas break was great, I got to spend time with my best friends and also get a few essays out of the way!
Mohamed: International Office Ambassador from Bahrain

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