Monday, 15 February 2016

Chengcheng on Celebrating Chinese New Year in Sheffield!

New Year's Eve Dinner
Hey guys, I am Chengcheng Miao from China who is doing my Masters in Intercultural Communication here at Sheffield. Find out more about me from my profile.  

Chinese New Year is the biggest and most important festival for us Chinese. This year is very special for me because instead of celebrating with families I spent the New Year’s Eve with my friends from 7 countries. All the people were excited about the big round table with tradition Chinese dinner. We drank Baijiu (Chinese Spirit) and shared knowledge of how we celebrated it in China. After dinner we had a lot of fun in taking festival pictures with an APP that is very popular in China these days.

Sheffield Chinese New Year Show - Traditional Dance

If you are interested in Chinese culture, I strongly recommend you to watch the Sheffield Chinese New Year Show. I went to the City Hall to watch the show this year because my Greek friend who studies Chinese Language in Uni played Monkey King in it. I did not expect the show was so great. After the show, my friend decided to join Chinese tradition dancing society in Uni. What a wonderful culture influence! J

Festival pictures

Sheffield Chinese New Year Show - Pigsy & Monkey King

Sheffield Chinese New Year Show - Guzheng

Sheffield Chinese New Year Show - Pandas

Sheffield Chinese New Year Show - The year of Monkey

Anyway, if you are Chinese you will not feel lonely to spend Chinese New Year far away from home. And if you are non-Chinese I am sure you will definitely enjoy one of the Chinese New Year activities in Sheffield.

By Chengcheng Miao 

International Office Ambassador for China

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