Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Chengcheng: Give it a Go at Sheffield

Hi, my name is Chengcheng Miao and I am a current student at the University of Sheffield and one of the International Office Ambassadors for China. You can find out more about me by reading my profile on the University web pages.
Chengcheng and friends at the Salsa Society Christmas party
Believe me, you will not be disappointed with the student life at the University of Sheffield! Voted as the UK’s number one Students’ Union, it provides plenty of social activities with over 300 clubs and societies. I am lucky to be a member of the Salsa Society after attending the “give it a go” programme in the first week. No matter how tired or stressed you are after your hard work, salsa will make you forget about them. You can enjoy having a laugh with those amazing people. Don’t worry if you never tried it before; the society has 3 levels of classes each week: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Choose whichever you feel most comfortable to join.

Dancing salsa: a great way to “give it a go”
Another great thing about studying at the University of Sheffield is its international environment, which provides you with a number of opportunities to learn another language. Tandem learning is a good choice because you can find a language partner according to your language need for free! My partner is a British girl who is studying Chinese Language in the School of East Asian studies. We share our own cultures in a lot of interesting areas, such as food, pop music, pub life, marriage attitudes and so on. What a great chance to learn a new culture and introduce your own one to another person.  We even became good friends after first semester!

I also attended the activities on offer from the Postgraduate Society and plan to learn Spanish in this term. I know some of my friends are learning Chinese in the Confusion Institution and others take part in sports activities, such as football. For all those activities, you have a free chance to try them during the first week on the Student Union’s Give it a Go programme. Come to join us and “give it a go”!

By Chengcheng Miao
International Office Ambassador for China

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