Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Chengcheng: What I did over the Christmas Holidays

Hi, I’m Chengcheng Miao and I’m one of the International Office ambassadors for China. Take a look on-line at my profile to find out more about me.

Christmas decorations
Mulled wine with friends in Manchester

Unlike my other friends, this holiday I chose to stay in Sheffield instead of travelling within Europe or going back to China. At the beginning, I thought I would feel lonely without family for Christmas and New Year. However, my friends and I who stayed at Sheffield had a lot fun together.

As my tandem language learning partner suggested, the Manchester Christmas market is a place you definitely should go before Christmas. I tried Mulled Wine to drink, which was perfect for such cold weather. I also bought some stuff from the market and decorated my room. 

Manchester Christmas Markets by night
Considering some of us were far away from home, one of my course mates invited us for Christmas dinner at her house. This was my first time to have a real Christmas dinner, which was really great! We exchanged our Christmas gifts and guess what? I got Henderson’s Relish from Sheffield; a famous Sheffield sauce to put on food. Such a special and fun Christmas with friends, wine, delicious food, and games!

On New Year’s Eve we had a house party in my friend’s flat. Since we were all international students in Sheffield, we decided to gather together for the New Year’s countdown. And I learned how to make macaroons from a French friend that day.
New Year celebrations with friends in Sheffield

There are also many other things you can do during holiday in Sheffield. I had Chinese hot pot at the Genting Club; went for British afternoon tea at Patisserie Valerie; and watched the ballet show, the Nutcracker, at the theatre.
Silent study space in the Diamond
Home-made macaroons!

Sharing Chinese hot pot at the Genting Club

There is one thing you should not forget: After the holiday there will be exams, so studying is also very important during this time. The new library in the Diamond opened last semester and it is an amazing place to prepare for your exams and essays, with great facilities. After the New Year I spent most of my daytime in the Diamond. Everyone is very focused and you will feel motivated to study there.

Taking afternoon tea with friends at Patisserie Valerie
Also, the University of Sheffield has just recently been selected as one of the most international universities this month in rankings. As international students, I can say that spending the holidays here in Sheffield together is an amazing experience you will not forget.

By Chengcheng Miao

International Office Ambassador for China


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