Sunday, 21 February 2016

Exciting times!!

As a PhD researcher, one of the most rewarding experiences is when the application for
obtaining funding to finish off your research is successful. Writing applications for funding
can be particularity frustrating and time-consuming, which is why researchers become
ecstatic when one application, among the many that gets refused is accepted. My award is
from the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN), and it is for visiting the University of
Alberta- Canada as part of the work on my PhD research project.

However, as delighted I am by the news, the fact that I have to leave Sheffield for a few
weeks keeps giving  me the blues; after two and a half years of staying here, Sheffield is
starting to feel like a second home to me. For the few weeks away, I will especially miss my
daily walks through Weston Park whenever I want an excuse to get out of the lab and sit for
an hour of a half there. Still, being a PhD student is not about lab-work, and I always try to
remind myself to get the most out of the time while here and not just focus on finishing up
the thesis or project.  I will, in the upcoming days, be blogging on how will this trip go, and
my impressions of collaborating with external partners in order to advance one's research
and skills.
Tareq: International Office Ambassador from Iraq

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