Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Mari: Why I chose Sheffield

My name is Mari Kusachi and I’m a student at the University of Sheffield.  I’m the International Office Ambassador for Japan and you can find out more about me on our web pages.
It was not easy for me to choose which university to study. This is one of the most important decision in my life. I chose Sheffield mainly because of two reasons.
The Students’ Union at Sheffield
First, the content of the course was suitable for my future career and my interests. I am doing MA in Intercultural Communication, which I thought it would be an important field to explore in this globalised world. The University of Sheffield offers a programme which covers communication in a variety of related fields, too, such as in business, translation, and languages. I wanted to learn the practical side of intercultural communication as well as the theory. I hoped this would be useful in the future in order to be competitive in an international job market after graduation.  After researching, I decided that the University of Sheffield offers valuable courses in this regards.

St George’s Church in Autumn time
The second reason I chose Sheffield would be the city itself. Sheffield is not a huge city, but I would say this is very much a student city. It is easy to get to the City Centre where you can find any products you need to buy. I didn’t want to stay in a busy city such as London, and I feel like my choice was right, as Sheffield is calm and relaxing and yet lively enough to go out with friends at a pub.

I also heard that the Students’ Union at the University of Sheffield is the best in the UK and it will make for the best kind of student life. My expectations were met when I attended the Introduction Week activities, where I met new people from different countries throughout various events organised by the Union. People say that the University and city is very friendly compared to other ones in the UK, and I think this is right. Now I can enjoy both studying and socialising here in Sheffield, and for such a reason, I wouldn’t regret choosing Sheffield.

By Mari Kusachi
International Office Ambassador for Japan

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