Thursday, 25 February 2016

Meet the Indian Society!

A couple of days ago, I met with Rohan N Singh, the President of the University of Sheffield’s Indian Society. We spoke about IndianSoc’s beginnings and the kind of events they organize for Indian students in Sheffield. The following is an excerpt from our conversation.

When was the Indian Society formed at the University of Sheffield?

It was formed back in the academic year 2003/04. So it’s been a successful 13 years now!          

What is the main aim of the Indian Society at the University of Sheffield?

The Indian Society at the University of Sheffield represents all things Indian, and close to our heart. Our aim is to showcase Indian hospitality, culture, beauty and capability through means of cultural events, sports and recreational activities, to the rest at University.

Our ultimate aim is to bridge India with the rest of the International Community here at Sheffield.

What kind of events do the Indian Society organise?

Our society offers an array of events to our members, be it a Meet-and-Greet, a chance for our members to get to know each other and us better, a number of parties to reach out to their crazy side or appeal to their cultural side through organising Diwali and Holi amongst the main festivals. We’ve hosted games and movie nights along with other outdoor activities like ice-skating for instance.

For the sporty people out there, we regularly have football, basketball and cricket sessions. We even offer day trips for those who want to travel around UK. So it’s safe to say there is something for everyone, whatever activity you want to do!
Ice Skating Social with other national societies!

What has been the best part of being President of the Indian Society?

The best party of being President is of course the family I have as my committee. I am privileged to have such an amazing and talented team who always come up with fantastic ideas!

Meeting new people daily and the feeling I get when members thank me for the fun they have in our events. That’s the best. After all, it’s all about the little things that give you happiness in life isn’t it?

What message would you pass on to prospective Indian students?

When I first came to Sheffield, I was a nervous fresher looking forward to life in Sheffield. But I couldn’t have asked for a better city to complete my education. The University, the students, the locals and the neighbouring Peaks! It’s all fantastic! It is indeed my second home!

Mix with all kinds of people and you will be surprised where you fit in! Coming to Sheffield will be one decision you won’t regret throughout your life.


Meet the Team!

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