Saturday, 13 February 2016

My Christmas break away from Sheffield…

I flew back to Jordan as soon as I handed in my last assignment in December! I was quite
excited to see my family, spend time with my friends and have lots and lots of delicious
homemade food. But between doing all of this and finding time to complete my university
assignments I had quite a lot on my plate. As I’m sure many of you will.
So, my Christmas break was spent between studying sessions in cafes (because the house
was way too loud and busy for productivity), and going to family lunches and dinners. It was
busy but I’m definitely not complaining! I have also chose to base my final masters project in
Jordan, meaning I had quite a lot of research to get done.

I definitely remember how much I missed home in my first semester away. I was so excited
to go back, and have food cooked and laundry done for me, however now, 5 years later I’ve
started to appreciate my independent life much more.  So much that, I miss coming back to
Sheffield as I have established a routine and way of life that I have become very comfortable
with. Sheffield has really become home, and I’m positive you will all feel this way after you
complete your first year in this lovely and welcoming University City.

Don’t worry if you don’t get a chance to go back home over the holidays! There is always
something going on in the university and specifically the union to keep you busy and give
you the chance to meet new people. There is always a Christmas holiday program arranged,
and also international students can apply through the university international students
support in the union to spend Christmas with an English family the traditional way. I have
personally never done it, but imagine it must be a great experience!

Whatever you do during your Christmas break…just remember to relax, enjoy your time, as
you’ve earned it, but try squeeze in a bit of revisions as well!
Jude: International Office Ambassador from Jordan

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