Sunday, 28 February 2016

My favourite things about Sheffield!

Two years ago, when I walked out of the train station in Sheffield, I would have never thought I could become so attached to this city that I would call it my home one day. I did not know anyone, name of any streets, any restaurants or any shops.

From the first moment I walked in, the great diversity of people from around the world in Sheffield became the reason for me to love this city. Walking up and down the Ecclesall road, have a great night out in the West Street or laying down on the grass in Botanical garden under the sun are some of my favorite habits in Sheffield.

For me what makes Sheffield so unique is the amazing student atmosphere that it embodies in itself, you feel like all around the city is your campus. Further, only by half an hour ride I can be hiking in one of the most beautiful places not just in the UK
but in the world, Peak district.

If that is not enough for my list on my favorite things about Sheffield, I shall talk about Yorkshire tea with some milk or the amazing city hall. However the number one in my list is Sheffield itself, all the things I have mentioned come together in this city, which now is my favorite place to live in.
Helia: International Office Ambassador from Iran

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