Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Nkemdilim's Christmas in Sheffield

Hi! My name is Nkemdilim Abalu and I'm an International Office Ambassador for Nigeria. You can find out more about me on-line.

So, the norm for my little Christmas break is usually to go spend time with my extended family in London. This Christmas was a little different. To be honest it wasn’t exactly out of choice but because my family here in England were travelling to Nigeria for the holidays, and considering the amount of exams I had in January, travelling back home didn’t seem like the best idea. Anyway, so I spent my Christmas here in Sheffield with my friends and cousins.

The week leading to the Christmas weekend was really stressful for me. I had to go Christmas shopping and also do a whole lot of reading, just so I don’t feel guilty for taking a couple of days off to celebrate Christmas.  

Anyway, on Christmas Eve, I had a night-in with my cousins who came down to Sheffield to spend their Christmas break. The night was filled with so much laughter and banter, and we ended up going to bed at 5 am. It was really nice catching up tbh. So, Christmas day, I spent the day with my family and friends, sipping on champagne and just having small talk and playing games, and then we had a big dinner together. Oh! I also got a Michael Kors wallet for Christmas 

On Boxing Day, my friends and I went to “Little Hanoi”, a restaurant/karaoke bar somewhere in town to have a nice meal and go karaoke-ing. Besides it being a nice experience, it was also great way to sing our hearts out with our not-so-great voices.

To end my Christmas weekend, I went out to SMOKE BARBECUE in the city centre for an early dinner with a friend. Believe me, they have to best baby back ribs in Sheffield. The ribs came with large chips, which had a unique charcoal-y taste, an extra side and a cocktail. In total, we probably spent bout £20 each, which is actually a great price for such a lovely meal. We took a walk through the city back home, which I must say is absolutely gorgeous during Christmas with all the Christmas lights and huge Christmas tree.

That’s it! That was literally the only free time I had to myself the entire break. After the Christmas weekend, got back to studying all day everyday. I was particularly feeling very motivated last semester in preparations for exam. My friend and I tagged it *Chasingthatfirst*. Anyway, that’s was how I spent my Christmas break, how did you spend yours?

Hope you all had an amazing new year Celebration. Now, drop the champagne bottles and get ready for the new semester. Cheers!

By Nkemdilim Abalu
International Office Ambassador for Nigeria

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