Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Regine: Making me feel Welcome in Sheffield

Hi! My name is Regine Cheung and I’m a student at the University of Sheffield. I’m currently working as an International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong and you can find out more about me on my profile.

Before I had even set foot on Sheffield, I had so many questions! What if I bring all the wrong things? What if I got lost? What if I get bad flat mates? There were a billion questions in my mind, each more worrying than the previous one.  

I ended up emailing the International Office (find your contacts via the Your Country web pages), asking them everything. Within a few short weeks, the International Office had replied to all my silly questions, cleared up all my concerns and was so extremely helpful!

The Edge at Endcliffe Student Village accommodation in Sheffield
Not only did the International Office help a lot, the University itself had set up a Facebook page that included every single fresher arriving to Sheffield. This then helped us find flat mates and potential neighbours easily. It was from there I was able to communicate with my new flat mates before I arrived and without ever having met them, all in preparation for September. From that group of new friends, we were able to all share our concerns and answer each other’s questions, reassuring and calming one another.  

All of these different aspects had helped me feel welcome, even before I had got to Sheffield. By the time I finally arrived, I had no more worries and was only just filled with excitement.

By Regine Cheung

International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong

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