Friday, 19 February 2016

Sekinat: Banging the Drum for the Sheffield 301 Student Skills & Development Centre!

Hi! My name is Sekinat Abbas and I am a Sheffield student also working as an International Office Ambassador for Nigeria. You can find out more about me on my profile on our web pages.

Hi, I'm Sekinat! 
So, my last class for the first term just ended and I am elated. Holiday season is here! Before I go on a fun spree, I would like to talk a bit about one of my extra-curricular activities.

One of my favourite go to place for the past few months would have to be the 301 Student Skills and Development Centre. Boring, right?! Err…. I beg to differ. I got to know about this amazing place from a colleague - word of mouth is still a valid communication tool even in the days of social media, guys!  

You know how these days we always get the “education alone is not enough to get you far in lifespeech? Well, unfortunately it’s not too far from the truth. I mean, you could get a job with a good degree (like from Sheffield!). However you will need more than just your degree to help you work your way up the careers ladder and put your stamp on the world. This is where 301 comes in!

301 is the University’s skills centre where various workshops are set up to aid student’s all-round development, both academically and personally.  These workshops are about an hour long, usually “after school” hours to fit into students’ busy schedules.

Apart from building skills that enable students identify their Unique Selling Points (USPs), attending at least four workshops qualifies you for the 301 Academic Skills Certificate which can be included on undergraduate students’ Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) certificate, and can also count towards the Sheffield Graduate Award. Did I hear you say COOOL?! Yeah, I know!

The best part is that many of the workshops are run by students, just like me and you. Some of the workshops I have attended include: Beating Procrastination; Presentation Skills;  Academic Writing; Maths and Statistics amongst others.

As these are voluntary to attend, it is very easy for students to ignore such awesome opportunities. I believe no man is an island and we all need help one way or another. So why not grab this opportunity to be better?!

By Sekinat Abbas

International Office Ambassador for Nigeria

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