Friday, 26 February 2016

Sekinat tells us it's raining feedback!


My name is Sekinat and I am an International Office Ambassador for Nigeria. You can find out more about me on my profile.

I will be talking about how to handle and make the most of assessment feedback today in this blog.

So exams ended in the first week of February, and feedback is already pouring in. As the University of Sheffield upholds very high standards, this period is very unnerving for most students, regardless of  how confident you are in your abilities. I am just going to talk about a few tips that help me make the best of my feedback, whether good or bad.   

For me, I would say finding a quiet and calm area before checking feedback would enable proper assimilation of feedback scores and comments. Regardless of whatever grades one gets, reading of feedback comments and properly reflecting on them would do a great deal in preparing you for the next assessments, particularly for essays. Reflecting on the feedback would highlight strength and weaknesses; especially if you notice similar comments about certain aspects of your work. If in doubt, one of the perks of being a University of Sheffield student includes the fact that you can request for one-on-one more in-depth feedback from your tutors.

Another way to maximize the chances of improving in subsequent assessments is to find a few colleagues who had excellent grades and if possible go through their work. I bet one would find a few tips here and there that would help improve future assignments. Although it would have been ideal to do this prior to submission of assignments, you can also tell them to go through your work, give their honest opinions and show you ways you could have done it better.

Lastly, I would advice that regardless of your grades, always keep your zeal and stay motivated. Push yourself as much as you can and work harder for subsequent assignments. Do not feel depressed or continue worrying over your past grades. Don't be jealous about those who had better grades than you and if you had excellent grades, don't relax.Keep an open mind, be grateful for your current achievements; and remember it is not over until it is over!

By Sekinat Abbas
International Office Ambassador for Nigeria.

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