Monday, 8 February 2016

Starting up my third year of PhD

 Although it has been two years now since starting my PhD in the university, my memories of
stepping out of the train station and coming into Sheffield for the first time seems like only
yesterday! Time goes by quickly when you enjoy your work… I cannot believe I am saying
this, but I am genuinely dismayed knowing that someday my time of living in Sheffield will
come to an end; it is almost I do not want my studies to ever end!

Looking back now to myself when first starting, I learnt a tremendous amount of skills and
experience since then, the number of self-development opportunities that you will have
access to, just for being a student at the University of Sheffield is staggering; I got involved in
numerous activities that included training programs and workshops, conferences and talks,
volunteering and outreach opportunities, social events, and many more. One of the perks of
any post-grad program within the University of Sheffield is that it encourages you to explore
learning and training opportunities outside of your study field, thus making you discover and
nurture skills that you never knew you had or considered to be exploited in your future

As I continue the work of the third year PhD study in 2016, my goal is to overmatch what I
learnt during this year, the real challenge will be to organize my time so that I can participate
in as many events as possible, and also not get too distracted from finishing up on my studies!
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