Friday, 19 February 2016

Taiwan Sheffield Postgraduate Scholarships Winner for 2015!

To pursue cutting edge expertise in management, I came to university of Sheffield last September from Taiwan. After a semester, I would say: studying in university of Sheffield will be the most memorable experience in my life.

On the first day of being a member of this world top 100 university, I got a feeling that this university value studying experience very much. The courses are rich, and university of Sheffield also invested millions in the best equipments, facilities and student support. Therefore, the least thing you have to worry is you can’t adapt the environment well, because there will always be amiable consultant waiting to solve your problems. Moreover, the quality of teaching is exceptionally high. All my tutors are friendly and try their best to give us the cutting edge skills from their research. In my opinion,  professors innovated and inspired me a lot, so I can even expect the very best result after finishing my courses.The university has an extremely perfect location. Sheffield is a safe, convenient and vibrant city. It’s also near peak district national park, which has stunning scenery. You can find all ethnic stores and foods here, and, most important of all, the people are very welcoming foreign students.

What’s more, university of Sheffield provides postgraduate student scholarship to students. Of course, scholarship significantly reduces financial burden. To me, getting this scholarship feels more like my effort in undergraduate period is recognized, and this honor keeps urging me working hard, studying hard and helping my classmates. Therefore, in the future I can truly make some contribution to the society and give back some assistance to this university.

Overall, I think I will score the life and studying experience in university of Sheffield ten out of ten. It’s the university that gives you knowledge, skills and confidence and makes you stand out.
Wei-Jin Wang (2015 Taiwan Sheffield Postgraduate Scholarships Winner)

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