Friday, 12 February 2016

Tianrun: Sheffield Students Climb Higher in the Peak District!

My name is Tianrun Yang and I am a current student at the University of Sheffield. I am an International Office Ambassador for China and you can find out more about me on my student profile on the University web pages.

At the moment, I have not officially joined any universities clubs and societies, but I have attended many amazing activities.

I attended the Peak District Climbing Tour organised by the Mountaineering Club.   It was free to attend, and I only had to pay two pounds for the bus tickets. We gathered in front of the Students’ Union in the morning and took a bus to the Peak District. It only takes 40 minutes! It is very convenient!

We got off the bus, walked through some beautiful hills and saw some gorgeous streams as you can see from my picture here: 
Walking through the Peak District

Testing the slackline - safety first!
Finally, we arrived at the climbing wall. The society already had organised all the climbing routes and apparently, some professional climbers arrived there earlier on that day. The society offered us all the climbing equipment including helmet, harness, and belay device. They guided us to wear the safe equipment properly.

Scaling the heights! 
They are so professional and are very strict about safety, down to every detail, when we were wearing the equipment so I felt very safe to climb. I only did some indoor climbing before, so when I was climbing, I was feeling a little bit nervous. But people on the ground kept encouraging me. “Come on Terry!” “You can do it!”. Finally, I finished three different lines, which was already very good for a new climber.

Climbing was very exciting. The Club offered us a barbecue as lunch and people around me were very friendly. I met many new friends and I really enjoyed myself on that day! I definitely will do more climbing in the future!
Finally we have a well-deserved BBQ dinner with new friends

By Tianrun Yang
International Office Ambassador for China

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