Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Top 10 things to remember to bring from home

It’s not easy getting your head around what you need to take before travelling. Don’t worry we are
here to help you and these are the top 10 things you need to bring from home before moving to
Sheffield. First of all, check carefully your documents and make sure you included all needed
documents especially those needed for registration. You have to think about studying materials
you could need during your study at the university like notes and books. Also don’t forget to pack
some medicines including pain relief. Moreover, you have to check the weather forecast carefully to decide the type of clothes you need to pack.

The most important things to be packed is the motivational ones. Try to bring things which could
motivate you to be an exceptional student during your study at the University of Sheffield. For
example, your awards and certificates to continuously remember yourself that you are excellent.
In addition, bring simple things that could help you to adapt quickly with your new place like
posters, photos or special bedcovers. Don’t worry about utensils, food and similar stuff as you
can easily get it upon your arrival.

Finally, before leaving your home make sure you packed your passion for learning and your
desire to make the most of your experience at the University of Sheffield.
Ali: International Office Ambassador from Egypt

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