Sunday, 7 February 2016

Union Societies and Activities...

Personally…some of my best moments at university have all started with by being involved in a society or activity in the union. I signed up to several societies in my first year and since have had different levels of involvement in each, I go to the salsa society lessons and photography society meetings when I felt like I have time, but I was much more heavily involved with the Arab society the international students community and my own departmental society (Landmark - Landscape Architecture Society).

Also, through the wonderful Give It A Go (GIAG) program I was able to try new things such as capoeira (a form of Brazilian martial arts), because GIAG gives us the chance to get glimpses of different societies through one off events at the beginning of every semester.

At the university of Sheffield we have over 300 societies ranging from departmental societies such as ChemEng Soc (Chemical engineering society) or Geog Soc (Geography Society) all the way to cultural, creative and special interest societies! If you’re into anything from cooking and cocktail making to sing language or card-games you’ll be able to find it in our union. The great thing is, if you are interested in a certain activity and cannot find a related society you can always start your own! That’s what got us to 300 societies in the first place.

As a fellow student who has found great times by joining different societies I advise you to go crazy! Join societies that you never thought you would before, and try new things, you never know what you might love. I honestly believe you meet your closest friends by joining different societies as your bound to have something in common! 
Jude: International Office Ambassador from Jordan

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