Thursday, 18 February 2016

Unlimited sources for research and reading!

Extensive variety of resources is something that is available at the University of Sheffield. With its three libraries and pre-purchased online resources, the
university provides students with unlimited sources for research and reading.

The most commonly used library by students is none other than the Information Commons, otherwise known as the IC. With a collection of about a 100,000
books, its one of the university’s busiest libraries. You’ll be shocked to know that students are at the IC on Christmas as well! Now that’s some great commitment!
By this its obvious to conclude that the IC runs 24x7 365.

The oldest library at university is Western bank library. With a collection on over a million books, it’s
a common hub for PhD and master students, although it can be accessed by all. Western bank has a unique trait of its own, having a rare collection of books and over a 150 historical documents.

The latest addition of libraries is located in the University’s newest building, the Diamond. An 81million pound investment dedicated towards improving student experience at the University of Sheffield. Being a new addition, it already has a collection of 10,00 books and will increase in the near future. All in all the university makes sure that resources are always at student’s disposal. By constantly updating versions of books and subscribing to newer resource sites, students always have access to latest resource hubs, keeping them inline with recent events, research and much more.
Anais: International Office Ambassador from the UAE

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