Saturday, 20 February 2016

Visiting Home: Lebanon!

Going back home after having spent 3 months in Sheffield was something I was looking forwards to, and what I was especially excited about was enjoying the nice Mediterranean weather. However, I was welcomed by a snowstorm rather than warm sun. Its fair enough to say that I did not get he tan I wanted, and since I was anticipating nice weather I did not pack a jacket, and spent my two weeks back home being asked where my jacket was, having to keep telling people that I wasn’t cold and that’s why I wasn’t wearing a jacket. A piece of advice anyone going back home would have to be don’t forget to pack a jacket! Other than that, I spent my Christmas break studying for the six exams I had waiting for me back in Sheffield, which is more than enough work to keep anyone busy.  

 Also, I got to enjoy the best of Lebanese cuisine and actual home cooked meals. But by far the best part of going back home would have to be enjoying all the wonders Beirut has to offer, especially since every time go back it manages to change so much. So its like I’m visiting a new city each time, and I get to explore all the wonders it has to offer.

Zeinab: International Office Ambassador from Lebanon

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