Sunday, 14 February 2016

What I did over the Holiday?

If you do not believe that Christmas is not the happiest time of the year, you probably have
never had a warm “Punsch” in Christmas markets with your family. Well I have! Living in
Vienna means that you have to enjoy Christmas to the fullest because after holidays, it is
going to be cold and dark again! This past holiday as always I went back to see my parents in
Vienna. But we spent 4 days in Berlin, which I can say with confident that if you are under
thirty and you want to feel the cold war and experience it, just  ten minutes walk along
Berlin Wall monument will do it! Walking in Check Point Charlie house and museum was one
of the highlights of my trip. It was full of stories and pictures of people whom tried to escape
or live in the eastern bloc. The sad thing about visiting Berlin was that you can still feel the
struggle of people to overcome those horrific experiences and build their beautiful city
again. All in all, the whole experience was amazing especially having to share it with my
family which I had not seen in a while made my holidays even more special. However all that fun time is over now and I am back to my town! Sheffield for studying!
Helia: International Office Ambassador from Iran

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