Wednesday, 30 March 2016

6 things to know about the Department of Landscape Architecture

I have been a student in the department for five years (picture below shows me with my final exhibition work in my third year), I'm completing my last year this summer. I wanted to give you a quick guide about the department for anyone applying to study Landscape Architecture in Sheffield!

1. If you do a quick Google search of the department you will quickly find that it is ranked as the top landscape department in Europe (This was one of the reasons I chose to study here in the first place). Having studied both my undergraduate and masters here, I can assure you, that it lives up to that title.

2. Many of our tours and professors are leading the landscape research around the world! and it feels great to be taught by people that are shaping what landscape means and how its perceived. Our department is the only Landscape department in the UK that is very heavily involved in research, which gives us a very prestigious reputation.

3. Having said that, the department is still very connected with the industry and work in practice, some of our tutors own their own firms. Tutors have always made sure to involve practitioners in our tutorials, for us to get a good idea of what it would be like to work in practice.

4. Your degree is going to involve a lot of hard work, however the support network that you get makes it all very manageable. All the tutors are easy to get hold of, and a lot of students actually do their work in the studios and so you always have someone to talk to, and someone to ask for help.

5. Our department is based in the arts tower, a lovely building with great importance to the whole city. we have the paternoster lift, which is a constantly rotating lift that you need to jump on and off. Its quite an experience, that people from all over the university come to try. But best of all, is the fact that our work studios are on floors 10,11, and 12 which means we get breathtaking views that make those late, late nights just a little bit easier.

6. The arts tower is going to become your home away from home over the course of those 5 years. Your going to love it at times, and hate it at others, but I guarantee you will have an amazing experience and will make friends for life, all the while graduating with a great degree from a respectable university!

Looking forward to see you in Sheffield! :)

Jude Goussous- International Office Ambassador from Jordan  

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