Monday, 21 March 2016

A Day in Tiffany's Life at Sheffield!

Hi everyone! Hope you're all well. I am Tiffany, an International Office
ambassador from Hong Kong. It's finally a month in Spring semester and I want to show you what's my typical day in Sheffield is like.  Get ready to join my real student life! 

Wake up: 8:30 am (6am if I've got training!!!)
First thing first! This year, I have quite a few morning seminars and I have training starting as early as 7:30 am. Therefore I have a new approach to my sleeping pattern and this honestly is so much better than my old one. Like most of you, I used to do my work/ chill till REALLY late at night and wake up tired or sleep till noon. Now, I actually sleep early and wake early. I would sleep at 10:30pm and just wake at 8:30. This way I can have my 10 hours sleep on most days but still be able to do my work! Keeping a sleeping pattern is very important and you'd feel the different. With better sleep you would have more energy for your work load. I strongly recommend everyone to maintain a good sleep pattern because in long run that is way more beneficial to you!

Breakfast: 9:00 am
Breakfast is a really good start to your day and get your day going. If you love sleeping as much as I do and would rather spend one more minute in bed than getting breakfast, you can always eat as you go! I always make myself easy breakfast like a sandwich and eat it while I walk to class. This way you can have both your breakfast and bed time! (we know who's the winner here). 
For those of you can't be bothered to prepare your breakfast, I would definitely recommend you to buy it at the Student Union or university buildings' cafe or even THE John's Vans which is just outside Hick's Building. 

Try make it to every class and make some notes. That helps you to keep up with the progress a lot and you'd find it so much easier when you revise. No one really like learning a semester in a week before exam. So, always go to your class!
I will also go to the lecturer's office hour. Office hours - where you can drop in for help and advice -  are really useful so do make use of it. One BIG TIPS: don't wait until deadline, it will be PACKED! Always be prepared and go early. 

Nap 3:00 pm
This is new favorite time of the day. I would consider myself as a morning person as I get most work done in the morning. As I am waking up earlier and having all the morning training session, I often get tired in the middle of the day. Therefore this year I would actually take an hour nap, which I would never do this before. This really helps me to refocus and regain my energy after a long day of class and work. Don't forget your alarm! An hour nap could turn into a five hours sleep if you don't set your alarm!

Reading and work 4:00 pm
Everyone, read your reading and prepare for your class. It is very easy to just go to your class/ seminar without preparing but you'd probably end up just sitting there as you have no idea what's going on. Always do your reading and preparation beforehand. You will find lectures and seminars easier if you prepared. This is the best way for you to learn. Try go to your class all prepared and you would find the difference. That difference would really motivate you to do the same every week. University is not that hard if you are prepared and willing to put in some effort.
Dinner: 6:30 pm
Of course after all the hard work, you deserve to treat yourself with a good meal! It is always good to have a balanced dinner. It is very tempting to just eat microwave/ fast food every meal. Try to eat more vegetables while you're in university. They are good for your help and you'd have more energy if you're healthier. They are also very easy to cook! You can find cheap vegetable in every supermarket near student accommodation. If you're really lazy, you can also have a cooking day/ cooking rota with your friends so you can have some 'real food' and also have fun with your friends!                                                                                                  
Sleep 10:30 pm
After such a long day, this would be my bed time. Yes it is early but this is before you'd hear your drunk flat mate's loud singing so you can actually get a nice sleep. Boys and girls, everyone would not say no to a beauty sleep!

So this is my real routine this year at university and I feel healthier at the same time my work get done a lot more efficiently. Everyone is different so find a routine that suits you can stick with it. (Sleeping early is always good for you and everyone should really try and do that). It is not easy but university is a very good place to set yourself a good daily routine as you're by yourself and have control of how you'd want to spend your time. A stable routine would help you with our work! 
Hope you'd find your perfect routine soon if you haven't yet. Share us how's your day of life in Sheffield! 

Tiffany Kwong
International Office Ambassador from Hong Kong

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