Monday, 7 March 2016

Chengcheng on eating Chinese food in Sheffield

Making Chinese food at home 
Hi, my name is Chengcheng Miao and I'm one of the Chinese International Office Ambassadors here in Sheffield. You can find out about me by looking at my profile

When I talked with prospective Chinese students, one of their main concerns was about food. “Is there any Chinese supermarket?” or “ Is there any Chinese restaurant?” And my answer is always: “ of course, if you miss Chinese food, Sheffield might be one of the best places you should come to in UK.”

When I arrived here for the first time, I was shocked by so many Chinese supermarkets and restaurants. No matter you prefer spicy one (Sichuan cuisine) or Dim sum ( Cantonese ), hot pot or BBQ, you will definitely find what you like here. 

There are quite a lot of Chinese or Asian supermarkets in Sheffield. They provide food, ingredients, cooking equipments, snacks, soft drinks… you can choose to buy stuff in store or online. The best thing is that they can deliver the goods to your flat. You do not need to carry a bag of rice to walk for miles anymore. 

Food in Chinese resturant 
I prefer cooking at home because it is my interest. At the same time, it saves quite a lot of money. And I found most of my friends really like Chinese food. If you hold a Chinese dinner party at home, they would be really happy to come.

By the way, I know many Chinese students they are not used to eating cold food like Sandwich for lunch. If you have class for all day in uni and cannot go back home to have lunch, bring your own food might be a good choice. I bought a Thermos food flask, which can keep the food warm for more than 6 hours. That’s why I can eat hot Chinese food and soup in the Uni every noon. And gradually I found my other western friends also started to use it for lunch as well. 

Food in Chinese resturant 

Chinese Dinner

Chinese dinner party at home 

Hot pot at home 
By Chengcheng Miao
International Office Ambassador for China

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