Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Huinan spends Chinese New Year in Sheffield

Hi! I am Huinan Zeng and I am the International Office Ambassador for China. You can find out more about me here .

Spring Festival is always the most precious time for families in China. As an international student in UK, I always admire those who could go back home to gather with their parents and relatives, and have delicious Chinese food. This year, Spring Festival happened to be the first day when spring semester starts. No wonder it’s called SPRING festival! lol. However, although I could not celebrate it with my family, I did had a unique festival eve with my friends.

My Chinese flatmate and I decided to cook a big ‘Nian Ye’ meal and watch ‘Chun Wan’ on Youtube (Good news, you can watch the live on Youtube every year in 1080p! J) with our friends at noon while skyping with our families (sounds like a whole mess but it went on well!). We brought the laptop to the kitchen and turned on the big speaker. Our kitchen became a sweet living room. We also really enjoyed the food that we made! (Don’t worry about your cooking skills now! Students will always become good cooks when they arrive in UK!)

In the evening, my friend in another flat invited me to make dumplings together and celebrate the night with friends from Korean and Britain. My grandma always make dumplings for us on Chinese New Year’s eve but I did not realize how tiring it is to make that many dumplings until I did it myself. It was great effort! I really wanted to say thank you to all the grandmas and mums who make dumplings for the family in China! After the meal, we played ‘Ring of Fire’ (a drinking game that you might want to try when you come to study here), and the whole festival celebration reached to an end when one of our friends downed the King’s cup.

If you have never experienced Chinese New Year abroad, you should definitely do next time!  It will become your precious memory.

By Huinan Zeng
International Office Ambassador for China

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