Monday, 7 March 2016

Huinan's Food Exploring Journey

Hi! I am Huinan Zeng and I am the International Office Ambassador for China. You can find out more about me here .

Before I came to Sheffield, I have barely any idea about what kind of food I could find here except the famous British dish fish and chips. After studying here for nearly two years, I realised that there are always lots of great restaurants lying in the corner in this unique city waiting for us to explore. Today, I’d like to take you to a food exploring journey and get you prepared before you come to study here.

Imagine that you are on West Street, the busy main road near the university. Now if you look on your left hand side, you can see an area called West One. There you can find Chinese, Korean and all kinds of restaurants, a cute place for bubble tea and some small and nice cafes. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy brilliant nice afternoon.

Near West One there is a road parallel to West Street, which is called Division Street. It is famous for lovely little stores. If you walk all the way down, you can find several international food restaurants (Japanese, Italian, etc.), ice-cream shops and some small cafes. There is one unique little restaurant called ‘Lucky Fox’ and their ‘fried chicken and waffles’ in one of my favourite.

Then you will get to the city centre where you could find this awesome strawberry cheesecake and healthy vegetable quiche in a nice place called ‘Marmadukes Cafe’.

Within two minutes, you will see the peace garden and if you walk across the garden towards the big buildings, some fancy restaurants will jump into your sight. Among those, I like ‘Smoke BBQ’ the most where you could get this huge plate of meat in a reasonable price. I bet you are drooling after seeing these pictures.

If you wish to have a big gathering meal with friends, London Road could be a great choice where you can find big restaurant with brilliant buffet. You can get there simply by walking all the way down from The Moor, Sheffield’s biggest market.

Come and enjoy the feast with us! Sheffield will never let you down.

By Huinan Zeng
International Office Ambassador for China

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