Friday, 18 March 2016

International Cultural Evening 2016

Hi Everyone. Ishita, international office ambassador for Sri Lanka here. This past week I attended International Cultural Evening (ICE).

ICE, which is organized by International Student’s Committee, is a cultural celebration where different national and cultural societies showcase their culture through drama, music and traditional dance performances from their countries. The University of Sheffield is a diverse institution with students from over 130 countries so the event is always spectacular. Although this is my fourth year in Sheffield I have previously performed or helped organize the event (as part of the International Students Committee). So this was the first time I attended ICE as a spectator and I must say it was a spectacular event.

Ten national societies performed at City hall for an audience of over 1800. Performances included Korean society dancing to K-pop anthems, Vietnamese society performing a dance using baskets and Afro-Caribbean society performed tribal dances within their performance.

Vietnam Society's basket dance

 Sri Lankan Society, Indian Society, Pakistani society and Malaysian and Singapore society performed several traditional and fusion items and were favourites of the audience.

Pakistan Society's performance
 There were also guest performances from the Wan Lin dance troupe and a hip-hop troupe, both which are based in Sheffield the as well as the University of Sheffield Irish dance society.

Wai Lin Dance troupe performing a traditional Chinese dance
 The final item of the night was a fashion show where students from all corners of the world showcased their traditional costumes.
Japanese society in Kimonos at the fashion show
Students showcasing traditional african costumes

A panel of judges chose the three best performances. Malaysian and Singapore Society (MASSOC) came third, Sri Lankan Society placed second and Indian Society came first. The night was fantastic and is an example of just how diverse the student body is and shows how wonderfully the University celebrates different cultures.

Malaysian and Singapore Society

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  1. Hi, I'm Ngoc Ha, IOA for Vietnam. I just want to have a bit of correction. The tools used in the performance of Vietnamese Society are our traditional hats, called 'Non La', and certainly not baskets as you called them ��
    You can find more information about them here