Thursday, 24 March 2016

My first blog post is here!

The world's best blog is about to begin its journey - you'll agree with me once you've finished reading today's post!
This essentially means you have no reason to say "oh! But that's too much to read!" or "I don't have time to read this", because I promise you there's no stopping once you start reading... You'll definitely crave for more!
To celebrate my first blog, I'd like to start by showing you the view on the other side of my window

We all know how waking up in the mornings is the least favourite task as a student. Personally, not only is opening my eyes a challenge but saying goodbye to blankie and beloved minions makes me want to just crawl back and continue dreaming. Now, add to that cooking breakfast and actually getting some work done and a student’s motivation to get out can drop from 1 to 0 in a split second. Yet, I manage to do it perfectly – each day every day.

So how do I get about it?
My secret mantra is simple. I just remind myself of how excited I was the previous night about the events that were planned ahead of me for today. Be it having to go to a SU cultural fest or a Engineering careers session. Be it having to attend a lecture or meet up with a friend outside the lecture hall – I just convince myself of how exciting the day ahead is. As a matter of fact, ever since I came to Sheffield I actually have the most exciting time I had imagined.
I mostly start my day with eating breakfast while watching a drama. Yes, they are the most awesome stories in this world ; especially if you are a die heart romatic like me. They will make you crave noodles or better Kimchi what that is? You'll have to ask his highness Google to tell you! Lecky for me though, being an hot spot for international students Sheffield gives me access to world cuisine right at my feet.

I have this special shelf dedicated to one of the world’s most favourite munchie – Chocolates! Now, this shelf is visited by a lot people... The hungry me, the sad me, the happy me, the bored me, the me who just remembered that I have chocolates, and lastly the me that's skyping with my sister who cannot go thorough any conversation without mentioning chocolate!

Just incase you're wondering, I'm not obese or fat! I'm healthy actually; How you may ask?
Well, because as a resident in the student accommodation, I have access to an endless array of activities that keep me healthy. I love my high intensity fitness workouts and the relaxing yoga sessions. I have access to the Goodwin Sports Club’s gym and to top it all off I get my daily walk from home to uni because I live at the heart of the student village.

All in all, I would like to say that I am still somewhere in the middle of ‘the journey called life’ and University of Sheffield is proving to be the most enthralling chapter so far… because I am settling in just fine thanks to all the endless opportunities lined up for me here.

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