Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Nearly 250 people from all over the world, over 50 different activities, dozens of things you've never done before and no worries about studies - all in 1 week!

“When the first week is so awesome, you know the next 4 years will be no less” - this was exactly what I felt during the entire orientation week. I got introduced to my department, received all the information an international student should have (support services, banking, support services, etc.) had lots of new kinds of food, danced a lot and most importantly made some lifelong friends. Here’s an idea of what the Orientation Week was like:
      Lots of Icebreaker Sessions:

          Ranging from accommodation area to departmental sessions, you get a chance to introduce yourself in a fun way (usually through games like splat or changing chairs)
              Yep, even Giant Jenga is a sport.
              Taste of different kinds of sports:

                  Squash, Football, Spinning, Ultimate Frisbee (played it for the first time and enjoyed soooo much) and so much more.

                  Informative sessions:

                  You receive all kinds of information (banking, safety and security, how to join societies…) and get directed to the best places for further information (Careers services, 301 centre..)

                  Tours and Treks:

                  Every alternate day there are tours around the city, walks to the peak district (best one!), Kelham Island & Weston Museum and also, tours of the union and the IC.


                  Karaoke, Ceilidh and Parties!:

                  From the first day to the last day, every night is something you look forward to. There is karaoke, global intro party, barbecues, Ceilidh (Irish Dance), interactive quizzes and most importantly the Welcome Reception marking the end of orientation.

                  If it was up to me, I’d like to experience the whole Orientation week again. If you’re joining the university, do attend the Orientation Week because it’ll be the best time you’ll have in the Uni!

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