Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Nkemdilim starts the new semester: getting back to work

Hi there! It’s Nkem, International Office Ambassador for Nigeria. You can find out more about me here on-line

Hope your exams went well and you’re settling in fine into the new semester. I know how difficult it can be getting your mind back into work mode after such a long time away from timetables and deadlines. So, I’ll be giving you a few tips on how best to get back to work, plan your time effectively and still have time for extracurricular activities and night outs.

1.     Clear space, clear mind: I know how stressful exam period gets and how that lazy and “can’t be bothered” spirit takes over when you’re too busy cramming for that 40 credit exam and at the end of exams you come home to a pile of dirty laundry, stacks of dirty dishes and everything is just out of place. Here’s my first advice: GET UP AND CLEAN OUT THE MESS. Ever heard of the phrase, “clear space clear mind”? Personally, I can’t really think clearly when I have a lot of mess around me and honestly, it just makes me even lazier, and over the past years of living independently as a student, I've learnt that cleaning out the mess sort of “unclogs” my brain and helps me get in a much more productive mood.

2.    Make a study schedule: You know how at your modules introduction lectures, you get told that you need to study for 60 hours to fully understand the module and be prepared for exams…it’s not a joke! I believe the best way to effectively plan your time for studying is to make a study schedule. I suggest you use your timetable as a guide to what modules to study each day. Some people prefer having a hand written study schedule with weekly aims and putting it by their bedsides for motivation. Others prefer a more digital method and use the Google calendar. Whichever method that suits you best, make a study schedule. You’d feel more organised and you’d find that you’d be able to keep up with your studies a lot easier.

3.    Make a To-do-list: Personally, I don’t think there’s a more effective way to plan your time than making a to-do-list. I suggest you take a look at your timetable for your classes and your personalised study schedule and plan around those. On your to-do-list you can put in your extracurricular activities: sports, clubs activities, volunteering, shopping, cooking etc. From experience, you tend to be much more organised and possibly spend less on unplanned activities such as buying takeout, (who needs takeout when your fridge is stocked with nice home cooked meals) when you have a to-do-list. I suggest you make a weekly to-do-list, that way you can always re-adjust your list to suit your activities for the week.

Also, here’s a couple of things going on during the first few weeks of the semester that you might want to keep an eye out for and maybe give a go at:
·      Refreshers fair
·      Free Dominoes pizza vouchers J
·      Modern Languages Give-It-A-Go classes
·      Festival of 10 Billion
·      University of Sheffield Enterprise: Entrepreneurial Skill Build.
·      International Cultural Evening: March 4th, save the date!
These are just a few of a very long list and I’d leave the links below if you need more info. Keep an eye on your Uni emails and the Student Union website for more upcoming activities.

Btw, if you’re interested in volunteering or sports, visit the activities zone in the Student Union, and if you want to get a part-time job (which I strongly suggest) and make some extra cash to spend on your night outs, visit the JOBSHOP in the Students Union also.

·      Festival of 10 billion:
·      International Cultural Evening:
·      Modern Languages Give-It-A-Go:
·      University of Sheffield Enterprise:

Have a great week and cheers to being productive!

By Nkemdilim Abalu
International Office Ambassador for Nigeria

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