Thursday, 31 March 2016

Nkemdilim's Easter break in Sheffield

Hi there! Its Nkem again, International Office Ambassador for Nigeria. Take a look at my profile page to find out more about me. 

My friends and I at Ice Sheffield
Finally! The much waited-on and needed holiday is here. Feels good to finally have a break yea? As much as I would love to hope on a plane to some exotic country for the “spring break”, I’m spending yet another holiday in Sheffield city.

Anyway, last week a bunch of friends and I decided to go ice-skating at Ice Sheffield, but unfortunately, due to misinformation and our not so fat wallets, we weren’t able to get on the ice that day. You can check out their website for more information and student discounts! Ice Sheffield

So, we decided to spend our day at “Valley Centertainment”, which as the name implies, is the centre of entertainment in Sheffield city. You could plan a day trip to valley centertainment and I can promise you’d have a fun filled day. If you want hang out and have fun with your friends, there’s loads of games and activities there, from bowling to miniature golf. Hungry? You could literally taste the world there: Italian, Mexican, Chinese, American, English, etc. Anyone looking to go on a restaurant crawl, Valley Centertainment has it all. The cherry on top, there's also a cinema which shows            
movies in IMAX and 4DX Cineworld in Sheffield

Here's a partial 360 view of Valley Centertainment. Couldn't film the whole place in just one shot..yes, its that big!

Full platters at Nandos!
Anyway, so here’s how my day went:
First, we had lunch at Nandos, where we also happened to meet a British-Nigerian professional boxer, Anthony Joshua!  

Laser quest at Valley Centertainment

Then, we went laser tagging, which is sort of like paintballing but without the aches and pains the day after. It was really fun and extremely active, we even had to come up with superhero names...I was Amazon (lol).

Getting ready to laser tag!

Five Guys at Valley Centertainment
Seeing as we were all exhausted from running and, ducking we decided to go to Five Guys and try their famous smoothie, which BTW lived up to its hype.  

After taking a very creamy and delicious break, we went to the arcade and bowling alley at the Hollywood Bowl in Valley Entertainment. Check out their website for prices and student discounts! Hollywood Bowl

To end a very fun and lovely day, we decided to go out to dinner at a Thai restaurant in the city called" Thai Thai ka"
My friends and I at Thai Thai ka

There you have it, my day trip to Valley Centertainment, which so far has been the highlight of my Easter holiday. What have you been up to? Be sure to drop your comments below and...

Happy Easter holidays from all of us!!

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