Friday, 4 March 2016

Sheffield is an Amazing City for Students: My Top 2 Reasons

As a Chicago native, I have always loved living in a major American and international city. So when I had to decide where I wanted to study in the UK, schools in London were up there on my list. But it was the perfect mix of the student atmosphere with the lively city centre of Sheffield that won me over. And after recently traveling to London to visit a friend, I have narrowed it down to the two things that make Sheffield an amazing city to live in as a student.

Whichever city you study in, it is always important to be aware of your surroundings. But after visiting London, it personally felt great to be back in Sheffield. Like how I feel comfortable walking back from the campus to my accommodation late at night after a long study session. Also, it helps that other students are normally out and about, whether going to or from campus or the city centre.

Furthermore, if I do feel it is too late to walk home I will use the Women's Minibus Service provided by the Student Union. It is very cheap and runs every night starting at 7:30pm and takes you and the other female passengers straight to your door. And it doesn't matter if it is private or university accommodation.

Saving Money
It can be argued that living in a city like London gives a student more diverse choices for activities, like live shows or places to eat. However, I have found that Sheffield provides students with an ample amount of activities AND they won't make your bank account cry (especially if you are studying on scholarships or loan money). So whether it be discovering a new band at the Leadmill, hanging out with coursemates at Tamper Coffee, or fulfilling your burrito craving like I did at the Shy Boy Cantina, there is always something to do in Sheffield that won't break the bank!

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