Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Snowy hills, Strange birds and The Damflask Reservoir

Sheffield is right at the heart of UK and in the vicinity of some amazing forests and national parks. For me, this is a paradise as whenever I feel like taking a day off, I just venture off to one of the numerous walking trails.

Last weekend, being a member of the SUWC (Sheffield University Walking Club), I was given the opportunity to go on a trek to Ughill Moors, Damflask Reservoir and Lower Bradfield. We started off at the edge of Wisewood and then walked via the misty forests and muddy paths to Damflask. Along the way, there were several rivers and the way across them was a single plank of wood, crossing which was quite adventurous.

Hmph, I'm Fabulous!
We came across quite a few farmlands and even saw a few old industries from the golden days of Sheffield. There were a few small wild animals and birds roaming around and we were lucky enough to spot a huge swan swimming among a few ducks.

After a long and arduous walk, the Damflask reservoir was finally in view and it was as if we had just sighted victory. Being a nice and clear day, people were out sailing on their yachts and boats. We took a short lunch break at the reservoir and then continued our journey to the moors.

Dare to dip?
Surprisingly, it had snowed the previous night and we were surrounded by white snowy flakes when we reached the moors. We passed an old water treatment plant and finally made it into the Bradfield village where I managed to spot a bird which looked like a hybrid of a duck and a chicken! Having completed the journey and walked over 15 km, we stopped at a local pub for a refreshing drink and then headed back home.

P.S. The Chicken-Duck Bird
Best of both worlds!!

Written by: Abhinav - International Office Ambassador for India


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