Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Diamond

Hello Everyone. I hope you’re doing well. Ishita, Intetrnational Office Ambassador for Sri Lanka here.
I just started my fourth year studying at The University of Sheffield. Although it’s only the second week of semester I already have quite a few assignments to keep me busy. As a result I’ve been spending my evenings in the Diamond.

The Diamond 
Six storeys of labs and study spaces

The Diamond which was an 81 million pound project just opened at the University. The building is six storeys and can accommodate thousands of students.

The lecture theatres in the basement of the building can accommodate over 2000 students.

One of the Diamond lecture theatres

The Diamond is also home to 19 Engineering laboratories as well as providing specialist engineering teaching facilities. Each Laboratory specialises in different areas of Engineering- from fluid mechanics to tissue engineering to Aerospace Propulsion. The picture below is of the fluid mechanics lab where I carried out experiments with a flume this week.
The flume I ran experiments on in my fluid mechanics lab

Of course the Diamond is open to students from all departments. There are also various group rooms and study spaces spread all over the diamond. The group rooms are bookable s students can work on assignments and projects. There are over 1200 engineering spaces and 200 computer study suites. You also get a great view of Sheffield when studying.

Just one of the computer rooms

Open study spaces

 It’s even equipped with it’s own café for those who want some hot or cold food while they study.  Overall, the Diamond is a great addition to the University and is conveniently located next to West Street and within a 5 minute walk from most departments.

I for one will definitely be spending quite a bit of my time there.


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