Monday, 21 March 2016

Tiffany tells us about her March in Sheffield

Hi everyone! I am Tiffany, one of the International Office Ambassadors here at Sheffield from Hong Kong! I am going to show you some part of my March so far.

FIRST!! SNOW. Yup, you did NOT read that wrong, it was STILL SNOWING in March!

I have a love and hate relationship with snow. It was so beautiful to watch however the day after is can be a bit tricky; imagine when you have to get to class but the whole street is icy and you have to be careful not to slip.

Second, I am loving the weather. It's finally Spring and most of the time the weather is lovely in Sheffield. It is not too cold and it is not too warm. Personally I'd call it a coat & sweater (Or jumper as the locals call it) weather. Pull on your jumper and grab your coat then you're good to go! I am happy that wrap wrap wrap up warm weather seems to be far away for now. Walking to class/ home becomes enjoyable when Sheffield looks so pretty!

Third, I am loving all the parcels! It is inevitable for us to miss home and I always love it when I get parcels from my friends! Apart from receiving I also love to give. With the postal service in our Student Union, posting a parcel or a postcard to your friends and family back home can't be easier! You'll be able to drop by our SU today and give your friends a lovely surprise! (Sheffield SU is indeed THE BEST)

That's my March so far (workload not mentioned). I am looking forward to Easter already with all the Easter chocolate eggs. No matter you're spending your holiday at home or staying in Sheffield, have a lovely Easter!

Tiffany Kwong
International Office Ambassador from Hong Kong

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