Monday, 21 March 2016

Tiffany's February Favourites in Sheffield

Hello everyone! I am Tiffany; one of the International Office Ambassadors from Hong Kong.
This time I want to tell you about my February favourites.


Honestly, I missed university. It is so good to see my friends again and go back to class/ trainings! (Makes me feel like I have my life together)

One thing about university that us SO MAJOR for me is my basketball team. I am a very sportive person and I do a lot of sports starting from a kid. When people ask me what is my favorite sport, the answer is definitely basketball.

One of the fun fact of me would be no one ever believe me when I tell them I play basketball. The reasons are always ' You are too short for that' or 'You don't look like you can play basketball'. Well who knows why! In fact I have been playing basketball for 10 years now starting from primary school playing for the school team. It is true that it's a choice of me to play a sports in university but it is not easy to keep a balance between sports and academic (especially when I would do 3-4 sports in my 1st and 2nd year)! As I am now in my final year, the workload is so intense so I only play basketball this year.

One of my favorite thing about basketball is that it is a team sport and I love my team! It is always fun to spend time with your team on and off court. Team that social together wins together! Ball is life but we also do all other stuff together like my favourite charity event: BAKE SALE! 

In any team sports, as you play together as a team, they are essentially your family. You learn together and work hard for the same goal.

I think everyone should go and try out some new sports! Social sport program at Sheffield is a really good start for everyone to do some sports weekly as you don't have physical education class anymore in university! Those are open to all level so don't worry if you've never play that sports before! Just go along any week you prefer and have some fun. You might find yourself a new hobby and a new family!

THANK YOU for reading this. And yeah! My February favourite is trainings with my team start again! What's yours? 

Tiffany Kwong
International Office Ambassador from Hong Kong

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