Monday, 7 March 2016

Tiffany's Study Tips

Hey guys! I am Tiffany; one of the Hong Kong students here working as an Ambassador for Sheffield. Hope you all had a lovely holiday and survived all those exams!

This is the start of second semester and everyone around me including myself have so many deadlines and essays coming up. That's why I feel like sharing a few study tips that I found useful so we all can keep motivated in this still very cold February.

1. Start early

I can't stress enough how important this is. NEVER leave your work till the last day to start you'll end up being unnecessarily stressed! In my first year I tend to only start my work a week before deadline but that does not give you enough time with all the classes you have to attend. It is the best to start as early as possible. Even just to think about what topic you would like to work on or how you are going to do it. If you are doing essays like me you can simply start with reading related books to give yourself an idea of what you would like to start with. This would make your life SO MUCH easier. Let's be honest, no one actually like staying up all night to do their work when you could have get it done before!

2. Go to office hour! Or just simply ask if you've got any question.

Sitting there by yourself and think is probably not going to get you anywhere. The best way to get your work done with some progress would be asking for help. In my first year I never goto office hour. However I found out that you can actually get so much help from office hour, even if you know what you are doing it is always good to talk to your tutor about your plan and make sure that you are on the right track. Very often you will receive quality suggestion and you would be inspired. If there is office hour, go for it! Tutors are more than happy to help you with your work so don't be scared of it! Alternatively if you don't have the time, email would be your saver. Email you tutor your questions, problems, concerns or your essay plan early so you can get feedback on time before your deadline! A good thing about Sheffield is you can always find someone to help you if you're confused.

3. Find a study spot. OR better, a study buddy.

Figure out where can you best focus and get your work done. If you are a library type of person like most people, goto library to do your work! If you want a chill place, go for IC or the new Diamond. If you like it to be all quiet, goto Western bank library. There are a few library in Sheffield for you to choose from so just goto one that you feel most comfortable with. If you can't work in the library like me, you can goto a cafe, the student union, or even stay at home to do your work! Don't feel like you MUST goto the library. Find out where you would be more focus. A really good way to get work done is to find a study buddy to make sure you both are working instead of procrastinating. If you are doing the same course you can also answer each other's questions!

4. Stop all your procrastination!!!!!

Procrastination is student's biggest enemy. Social media, Netflix, music, you name it and we've probably have done it to procrastinate but that is a big no. Try to stay focus and make a timetable for yourself. Start when you plan to start and stay away from all the distraction. My friend used to download all the material she need and go to a cafe without internet so she would be able to focus. That was extreme but it works! There are even self-control apps that would limit your social media. Try and find ways so that you'd stop procrastinating. I stopped procrastinate and that seriously get work done so much quicker! You can always watch all those Netflix after your work.

These are just a few little tips that me and my friends come up with. Everyone have their own way to study. So what are your secret study tips?

Tiffany Kwong
International Office Ambassador from Hong Kong

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