Friday, 11 March 2016

Travelling to Edmonton, Canada

As part of my research, and due to being awarded a funding grant from the Worldwide Universities Network, in which Sheffield University is a member of; I am currently in the lovely city of Edmonton, Canada. Where I will be collaborating with researchers from the University of Alberta, and show the work we are doing in Sheffield while also gaining the benefit of witnessing the techniques used in their research. This the first time I have ever been this long away from Sheffield (and this far), it is also my first time as a visiting researcher, therefore I am quite excited and keen to learn from the experience. 

My visit happened to be in the end of the winter season in Canada, however, the weather here is colder that we ever had in Sheffield as far as I have seen, yet my Canadian friends are complaining it is the warmest winter they had yet!

 Edmonton city and the North Saskatchewan River, which is completely frozen!

However, the snow is starting to melt now, and in the last couple of days the weather has been exceptionally beautiful, which should give me a good opportunity to explore the city and its surrounding nature more and capture some good pictures.

I have been swamped with work in the university on my first days, but hopefully I can later share with you more images of what I am up to. 
Tariq- International Office Ambassador from Iraq

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