Thursday, 31 March 2016

Which Library?

There are three main libraries that the University of Sheffield has to offer. Western Bank Library, the Information Commons, and finally the Diamond. Each has its own character, own sort of personality. Below is a summary of each library with an explanation of when I would visit it, and in what circumstances.
Western Bank
As a postgraduate corporate and commercial law student, I tend to see Western Bank library as a goldmine. Simply because it has all the books I would need to get through my postgraduate degree, and possibly even more.
Its also predominantly silent study, which minimizes any distractions you may have. In addition to this, I will most likely not see anyone I know there because a lot of students prefer a library with a more modern texture, as opposed to the traditional texture that Western Bank offers. That’s one of the main reasons I personally enjoy that library, it’s traditional, and it has all the books I would ever need. I can’t say it’s my favorite library on campus, but what I can say is that from personal experience I have realised that when times are tough, Western Bank library has got my back.

The Information Commons
By far my favourite library on campus. It’s more like home to me, considering the amount of time I’ve spent studying there. Its got all the facilities we need, a diverse book collection for various disciplines, a cafĂ© with a great variety of food, couches when you need a break, and most important of all to me, four silent study areas. The IC is, and will always be my favourite library.

The Diamond

Breath-taking the first time anyone walks in. Some tend to call it the spaceship, and for good reason. It’s the most recent University building, equipped with labs, silent study areas, a cafe, and lecture theatres. Not to mention the vast number of media rooms and standard group rooms. It’s located very close to west street, which makes the location ideal particularly because I can have a quick meal at a restaurant and then walk back and continue working.  But I think the Diamond may be too big for my personal taste.
Mohamed Al Alawi- International Office Ambassador from Bahrain


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