Thursday, 31 March 2016

Winter to Spring - Season change in Sheffield

Winter to Spring - Season change in Sheffield

Hi, it’s Ngoc Ha again. Summer time has started, and we are officially in Spring now!

I have had wonderful experience of UK weather, especially in Sheffield where it was so capricious and unpredictable during season change, from winter to spring this year.

I am well aware that I maybe too excited and obsessed with seasons and weather here. But for me, coming to Sheffield from Vietnam – a tropical country where you can say it’s summer all year round, this is my first ever winter and spring, as well as autumn. And I thought it might worth sharing this experience to those who would come here this September.

I really love ‘catching’ the sun. And during the end of winter toward spring, the sun was, from my experience, the most beautiful, as it was not so bright like in summer, or covered by cloud in winter. And I was lucky to be able to catch some wonderful sunsets and breathtaking sunrises.

Sunset over Sheffield
Sunrise over Sheffield

It was quite often for me that seeing it was sunny, I went out not bringing my umbrella, and it rained minutes after, and then got sunny again. I decided not to trust the weather forecast and bring my umbrella with me every time I go out.

A double rainbow after the heavy rain
And when everyone thought that spring was coming, it was snowing, in the middle of March! I still remembered how the previous day the sun was shining, and the flowers were about to bloom, and then suddenly it snowed the next day, and it might well be the heaviest snow of the season.

Spring flowers were about to bloom...
Spring was about to come...

…and suddenly it snowed again
Western Park covered in snow

But after all the weather chaos, spring is here at last! Flowers are blooming all around Sheffield and our University campus.

A Cherry blossom in Western Park
Daffodils in Western Park
Spring flowers blooming around Sheffield
Spring flowers blooming around Sheffield
Cherry blossom at Peace Garden

Cherry blossom at Peace Garden
Enjoy your spring everyone! And more spring blogs are expected to come from me J

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