Saturday, 23 April 2016

8 Things Malaysians Might Find Shocking in Sheffield

Hello everybody, Kimberly here. This post was inspired by my friends when we were discussing the differences between our lives overseas and in Malaysia. Here are the 8 things Malaysians might find shocking in Sheffield:

1)      Hills!
Once you arrive in Sheffield, the first thing you will notice is how hilly Sheffield is. It is because Sheffield is built on 7 hills and watered by 5 rivers. The steepest part I have experienced in Sheffield is the journey up to the Management School on Conduit road. Going up there is always a workout!


2)      A lot of walking.
Back in Malaysia, whenever I want to get to somewhere, my first choice would be to travel by car. In Sheffield, I can get all necessities within walking distance. After my first day of walking in Sheffield, I could not get up the next day because my legs were so sore! But I find walking in Sheffield much more bearable because the weather is cooler in autumn and spring compared to Malaysia’s heat.

3)      Four seasons.
Majority of Malaysians look forward to this because we would finally have the chance to experience all the seasons instead of just summer. Last winter, when Sheffield had heavy snow, I could hear Malaysians, from my flat, playing in the snow outside and taking a lot of pictures of their first snow experience.

4)      Unpredictable weather.
Always be prepared for unpredictable weather! I have developed a habit of checking the weather and temperature of the day before I dress up and head out. It could be spring time, but 10 degrees Celsius with 20 mph winds. 

5)      Daylight savings.
Here in the UK, daylight savings is practiced. During spring, the clock is adjusted forward by an hour; while in autumn, the clock is adjusted back. We have to be aware when it happens, or we might miss a class!

6)      Messed up meal times.
Due to the earth’s rotation and location of the country, the sunrise and sunset varies throughout the year. I find that this messes up my meal times because I use the sunset as an indication for my dinner time.

7)      Opening hours of shops and cafes.
Most shops and cafes in Sheffield close around 5-7pm. As a Malaysian, I am used to shops and cafes closing at late hours. I really miss mamaks or cafes that open 24 hours or till late in the night.

8)      Cost of living.
When arriving in Sheffield or even the UK, you might be shock at the prices of everything because of the currency exchange rate. As time passes by, you will get used to it. The living cost in Sheffield is one of the lowest compared to major cities in the UK, so we will not be spending as much.

Hope you find my list helpful!

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