Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A Brief Introduction to Goodwin Sports Centre by Tianrun

My name is Tianrun Yang and I am a current student at the University of Sheffield. I am an International Office Ambassador for China and you can find out more about me on my student profile on the University web pages.

As the university official sports centre for students and staffs, Goodwin  Sports Centre gains lots of good reviews since it's varies of equipment and big training space.

It is also famous for it's attractive training courses. 

large court for basketball table tennis and volleyballs

Football court 

 awesome swimming pool!

Bouldering Wall  


In terms of the price,students can choose 9-month membership (187 pounds) or 12- month membership (247 pounds) at the beginning of the academic year (early bird). However,  if you miss the beginning, then you would be following this price below.

The opening hours:


Here are some personal tips for you. 

1.  Buy the off peak membership.
 This can help you save a lot of money, and this also can force you getting up early and avoid coming in the crowded time.

2. Book an introduction session for your first time 
 The personal adviser will show you around the gym and have a basic introduction of using the facilities. This would be extremely helpful, if you are a fresher in the gym.

3. Always take 20p with you when you go to the gym 
 You will need 20p to unlock the storage case. But don't worry.  You will get it back when you return the key.

4. Find suitable trainers for your feet 
 A pair of good trainers would let you love the running. 

5. Make a training plan, and stick to it  
You can also book a personal adviser in the gym for free. He would give you the most professional training advices. 

6. Enjoying your excises! 

By Tianrun Yang

International Office Ambassador for China


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