Friday, 22 April 2016

Careers Service

As a postgraduate student at Sheffield, my priority (if not to continue onto a PhD) is to get a graduate scheme which is exactly what I’m aiming at. But as competitiveness in the market increases, applicants need to stand out as much as possible. Thats exactly what the careers service is there to do, they’re there to help us students at Sheffield stand out from the crowd at every stage of our application, whether its for the CV, cover letter, or interview stage. 

Its so simple to book an appointment with them, what I usually do is call at about 9 or 10am to ask for an on the day appointment. They almost always have at least one vacancy, which lasts 20 minutes in which they look through your documents. I have always been able to get an appointment on the day, and I’ve never been disappointed with their advice, they’re always smiling happy to help. 

So if you ever want to apply for a graduate scheme, further studies, summer internships, or a year in industry, my best advice would be to review your documents with the Careers Service to maximise your chances of getting through. 
Mohamed Al Alawi - International Office Ambassador from Bahrain

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