Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Chengcheng: Travelling Around in Easter !

In Scarborough Castle with friends
Hi, my name is Chengcheng Miao and I'm one of the International Office Ambassadors for China. Find out more about me on my web page.

Easter holidays were busy days for me. Unlike other international students who chose to go back home, I spent most of my time in library for two assignments. After finished my study I decided to have a short distance trip around Sheffield.

York Minster

York is always on top of my list. I have been to this small city for more than 3 times and still want to explore more. Only one-hour train from Sheffield will take you to this beautiful place. York Minster, Castle, National Railway Museum, Jorvik Viking Center... you won't want to miss those places. If you want to have a more relaxed schedule, just wander in town, find a small cafĂ© along the river, have afternoon tea in Betty's House, then have an amazing dinner in Paridiso ( This Italian restaurant is recommended by my local friend in York. Remember, usually you have to book place in advance since they are very popular !)

Scarborough Castle 

My second destination of this trip was Scarborough. It took another hour's train from York. Thanks for the good weather we really enjoyed this small seaside town. It might be too cold to swim in such a season, but why not paddle? Another thing you need to try is Fish & Chips there.

Fish & Chips 

The weather is getting better and better, why not invite several friends and have a trip around?!

By Chengcheng Miao
International Office Ambassador for China

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