Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Emily's Moroccan Holiday

Easter break is an ideal time for traveling. With Manchester airport a short train ride away, a world of possibilities is open to you as a Sheffield student.  Since I wanted a  break for the cold English winter, for my holiday I chose Morocco.  Only 3.5 hours and £170 away, Tamraght, Morocco was my home away from home for the last week of March. If you don't know much about Morocco, like I did, here are the basics:

Traditional Souk in Tamraght
Morocco was colonized by the French, but is now an independent country. Moroccans speak mostly Arabic and. French, but in more touristy areas, many speak English, Italian and other common languages.  

During my week in Morocco, I visited more touristy areas, such as Agadir and Taghazout, but chose to stay in the sleepy surf town or Tamraght for the majority of my time.  With the help of our hostel/airbnb hosts, we were able to check quite a few things off our bucket lists.  Specifically: riding camels on the beach, jumping off a cliff (in paradise valley) into a fresh water lagoon, surfing the atlantic, visiting a traditional souk to collect ingredients for a traditional tagine dinner, and riding horses on the beach. All in all, Morocco has been one of my favorite holidays.  I was able to see a new culture, relax on the beach and have exciting new adventures all in one trip!  
Yummy tagine dinner

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