Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Hiking in Sheffield - Thatchu Malaysian Student Ambassador

Sheffield is a fairly hilly city, as you may have heard from others. This, coupled with a 3 week Easter break in the relatively “warmer” months of April, can be quite tempting for an outdoor fanatic. Peak District, being so close by, is the ideal spot for Sheffield students if it is your cup of tea.

Together with a couple more friends from London, (yes people from even London come all the way up here to do some hiking and get away from the hustle and bustle of the capital!), we planned a trip to Peak District as part of the routine hiking schedule that I always have year on year. This time we chose to go up to Eyam, a village that is better known for the infamous plague that was the origin of the ring-o ring-o roses song. It does not sound like a happy poem anymore does it? It came down to a choice between Hathersage, which is arguably the most popular route and Eyam. Trying to veer away from being called mainstream, we chose to go up to Eyam, which was about 45 minutes away by bus. At the foot of the area, there was the church where all the plague victims were buried, as well as some really classic tea rooms and pubs.
Long story short, we began the hike at approximately 10.15am and got down again at 5pm after more than 9miles of trekking the lush moorlands. Along the way, we even managed a quick pit stop to have some lunch. Packed sandwiches with meat slices and humus never tasted better! The hike was absolutely exhilarating as we had to manage our way through extremely steep hills, crossing farms and also through thorns of some yellow plant (that was quite painful surely!). There was a point very early on in the hike where we lost our way and had to climb over walls of sheep farms, pray we did not get chased by the cattle, to get over the correct end eventually.

The views were definitely worth it as we stumbled upon Barrel Inn, a classic pub right at the top of the hills where a pint of beer was thoroughly earned without doubt. The best blessing a hiker could ever ask for is the weather and thankfully, the weather was just brilliant throughout the day barring a 2-minute hailstorm that is. If I am not painting a nice enough picture yet, maybe the photos will do it justice! J

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