Monday, 25 April 2016

How Green is our University

Hi everybody! Today I decided to write about what inspires me and really gets me going everyday.

Nowadays to be green is a synonym of being engaged to climate change debate. But more than just being ecologic friendly, we must think about social and economic aspects to be sustainable. So, as a master student in Sustainable Architecture Studies in Sheffield, it is very important for me to know how our University tackle these issues. 

Why I study Sustainable Architecture

After 8 months here, I feel inspired everyday for people at the university, especially my teachers and staff at School of Architecture. Not only my course, but the whole school is committed to reduce energy use and carbon emissions in students’ projects, despite of creating healthier spaces and improving peoples’ lives. 

University of Sheffield Green Masterplan ( 

Moreover, the University of Sheffield is dedicated to energy research, putting us on the path to Carbon Neutrality and social inequality. Also, there is a Campus masterplan to increase green spaces, wildlife, walking and cycling routes, with many key strategies as changing Arts Tower court, St. George Church square and crossing routes at Western Bank Rd. 
Overall, I feel glad to be part of this and to do something meaningful as an architect and in my personal life. I hope I could get you interested a little more about sustainability. If you want to know more about how green is our University, look at: 


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